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Large range of model steam engines and live steam models. Model steam cars, rollers and complete range of steam engine spares for mamod and wilesco. Also model steam trains, waggons and carrages

A model steam engine is a small steam engine built as an educational toy for children (in which case it is also called a toy steam engine) or for adult live steam enthusiasts In the late 19th century, manufacturers such as German toy company Bing introduced one of the two main types of model/toy steam engines, namely stationary engines with accessories that were supposed to mimic a 19th-century factory.[4] In the early 20th century, mobile engines such as steam locomotives, steam rollers, fire engines, and traction engines appeared. Today, companies such as Wilesco (Germany), Mamod (UK), and Jensen (US) continue to produce model/toy steam engines.
Model steam engines typically use either hexamine fuel tablets, methylated spirits (aka meths), butane gas, or electricity to heat the boiler. Cylinders are either oscillating (single-acting or double-acting) or slide-valve (always double-acting).[6] Spring safety valves and steam whistles are other common features of model steam engines. Some stationary engines also have feedwater pumps to replenish boiler water, allowing them to run indefinitely as long as sufficient fuel is available
Mamod Solid Fuel Tablets x 3 Boxes
HB7A12   Bohm HB7 Built Stirling Hot Air engine

Also available in kit form

model Steam Engine Kit Now only 24.99
1405   Mamod FE1K Fire steam Engine Kit
 1411  mamod LM1 Le Mans Racer
1404 Mamod Red Fire Engine
911001 MSS Guards railway Van

Garden railway!

911003  MSS Guards Van Kit '0' Gauge

Garden railway!

MAM76 mamod steam engine Solid Fuel tablets Steam engine fuel
Solar 1 Stirling engine


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